This exhibit is a collaboration between photographer Jeremy Abrahams, University of Sheffield academics Hannah Lewis and Gwyneth Lonergan, and anti-trafficking organisations Ashiana, City Hearts, and Snowdrop.  

We worked together for eight months in 2018 to develop the exhibition. We had meetings and workshops to analyse and critique existing images in use in the anti-trafficking sector, identify themes to reflect complexities of severe exploitation, and established ethical guidelines. This work formed the basis of the photographs created by Jeremy Abrahams.

Up and coming British actress Justina Aina was hired to appear in the photographs and the final selection of images was guided by Minh Dang of Survivor Alliance.  All of the quotes are from survivors of human trafficking in recent research and reports, used with their permission (see references).


Jeremy Abrahams previous work includes Arrivals: Making Sheffield Home, which was exhibited at Weston Park Museum and Remain/Leave, which was part of the 2017 Off the Shelf Festival and Festival of Social Science.

Hannah Lewis and Gwyneth Lonergan, Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield work  on the ESRC project ‘Understanding the roles of faith based organisations in anti-trafficking’.

Ashiana Sheffield works with Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) adults, children and young people fleeing abuse including forced marriage, human trafficking, and ‘honour’ based violence.

City Hearts pursues the freedom and restoration of lives torn apart by modern slavery and other life controlling issues. They create projects to bring real chance to vulnerable and exploited people in society.

Snowdrop was founded to address the gap in long-term support to empower survivors of human trafficking.  They provide community support, including casework, befriending, house renovation and counselling.


Thanks to: Justina Aina, The Co-op, Minh Dang – Survivor Alliance, First Bus, Jason Darke, Linda Green, Afua Twum-Danso Imoh, The Lantern Theatre, Sine Plambech, The Stillpoint Practice.

The people in the images are actors. Thanks to the Sophie Hayes Foundation, The Human Trafficking Foundation, The Co-op, The Snowdrop Project, The Centre for Social Justice, Mind, Unseen for permission to use quotes.