Participating in the research

The research involves:

  • interviews with people who have been supported by anti-trafficking groups,                           whether religious or not
  • case studies of six organisations offering support to trafficked people
  • interviews with civil society key informants
  • analysis of representations of modern slavery in the visuals and text used by anti-trafficking organisations and initiatives
  • interviews with government and policy making key informants
  • interviews with key informants in anti-trafficking in the  Netherlands and Spain

If you want to take part in the research, please contact us.  We would especially like to talk to people who have been supported by any anti-trafficking project, religious or non-religious.

You can find out more about this project, and about getting involved, on our information sheets:

General Information Sheet

Information for people who have received support from anti-trafficking groups

Information for case study organisations

Information for key informants from the government or third sector


Events and activities

To get involved with events being organised by the project, see Events.